Sustainable Fabrics

Patchwork fabrics

Experience the beauty of unique patchwork garments from Togo! The designers transform leftover fabric from the most commonly used fabric, the colorful cotton wax "Pagne", into wonderful creations.

With their precision in the selection of fabrics, color combinations and workmanship, they make every piece of clothing a work of art. Each piece is unique with its own story.

And the best thing: By using leftover fabric, it doesn't end up in the trash. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of patchwork garments!

Batik fabrics

Our cotton batik fabrics are a real eye-catcher! They are handcrafted by talented and passionate young people in Togo. Each fabric is an artistic masterpiece that uniquely reflects Togolese culture.

But that's not all! By using these batik fabrics, we encourage the creativity and talent of these young people and contribute to improving their economic situation. So every purchase not only supports you with a unique piece for your wardrobe, but also helps to improve the lives of the people of Togo.

We produce made to measure

Would you like to have a garment from TogoColor but the appropriate size or color is not available? No problem! You can order your desired item of clothing with the desired fabric and size and look forward to a personalized, unique item. Tailor-made production is environmentally friendly because only what is needed is produced, thus avoiding overproduction.

The delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks. A special piece of clothing requires more time. Just write us a message in the contact form!

Additional materials:

The lining and the plain/black fabrics are mainly made from recycled material, such as used jeans and fabrics. Due to this use, the materials used may differ in appearance and quality.

For the patchwork jackets, complementary materials such as stitching, buttons and zippers are purchased locally and in limited quantities as the selection is limited. However, emphasis is placed on the quality of the materials and the available offer is used.