About us

TogoColor - Unique, handcrafted fashion and accessories that bring Togolese culture to the world. Sustainable and socially acceptable. Discover the magic of TogoColor, where fashion and ethics go hand in hand.

Welcome to Togo, a country full of unique fashion, infused with vibrant colors, fascinating patterns and deep-rooted traditions. Here people proudly wear African fabrics, colorful cotton wax, which not only reflect the diversity of Togolese customs, but also carry individual names and profound meanings. Our talented designers are inspired by the rich colors, patterns and traditions of Togolese fashion. At the same time, they are fascinated by the timeless and individual cuts of the European style. Her goal is to harmoniously combine these two fashion worlds and to send a positive image of Togo to the world through her creations.

Experience the fascinating world of modern and timeless clothing from TogoColor ! Whether for everyday wear or special events – our garments can be combined and worn stylishly. We attach great importance to quality and manufacture each individual piece with great attention to detail. Immerse yourself in the diversity and beauty of our fashion, which tells not only clothes but also stories and traditions. TogoColor - where style, tradition and quality meet.

Sustainable patchwork made from leftover fabric

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of unique patchwork garments from Togo! Our designers collect leftover fabrics from other tailoring studios and use them to create true works of art. Precise selection of fabrics, harmonious color combinations and masterful workmanship make each garment unique with its own story. Experience the beauty of diversity - each piece tells its unique story.

Handmade batik fabrics

Our cotton batik fabrics are not only attractive, but also the result of loving handwork by talented young people in Togo. Each piece is an artistic masterpiece that uniquely reflects Togo's rich culture. Your purchase from TOGO Color not only supports the local community, but also helps preserve traditional craft techniques.

Your social commitment

By purchasing a product from TogoColor you support our social project. This not only creates jobs for designers in Togo, but also finances training places for young people who cannot afford training. TogoColor commits to providing 5% of sales for training. We are convinced that sustainable poverty reduction can be achieved by creating career prospects. Get your high-quality and unique product now and get involved with us.


Our partner designers from Togo

Fokoé Kangni is a trained designer from Togo who is very interested in art and specializes in processing patchwork fabric scraps.

Gaston Torsoo brings professional experience in tailoring and design. Together with his colleague, he makes garments from batik fabrics and other materials made in Togo or West Africa.

Benjamin Tossime completed training in drawing and batik as well as in computer science. He and his colleagues produce the batik fabrics for the production of TogoColor garments. They also offer training for young people interested in batik.

I'm Mehi, the founder of TogoColor . I am committed to creating a connection between the designers of my home country and the world. By founding TogoColor, I am creating job opportunities for talented people so that they can make a living through their own creations without having to emigrate for better career prospects.

Many greetings from my German-Togolese family from Hemmingen!